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Collect photos in a shared online album

Your guests will need no account to upload or view photos.

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How it works

Create an album

Here you will collect the photos

Share the link to the album

Via chat, sms, email, anyway you like

Start gathering photos

Everyone with the album link can now post and view photos

Why it's great

No registration or downloads

Guests won't need to register. Just send them your album link to start collecting photos

Can sort by capture time

So the important moments are perceived from different angles

Want to be private?

Protect your album with the password


When you want to easily collect photos from others and share them in one online album.

Google Photos or Dropbox will require ALL your guests to log-in before they are allowed to upload photos. So all your guests would need to create an account simply to upload photos. The majority will not upload photos just because they don't want to create an account or sign-in to the service.

No. Album guests need NO account to view or upload photos in your album. This way we want to make sure that all the guests will share their photos without any obstacles.

You can protect access to your album by setting the password in the security settings of the album. Then when you share the link of the album with your guests, just share the password as well.

Absolutely Not. Access to your album is totally Free for the guests

Yes, absolutely! You can use our service for free. To keep the service running we might show some advertisements in your album. Also, free albums will be deleted after 1 month. If you want no ads and want your album to be persisted longer, you can upgrade your plan.

This project is running in the modern IT cloud by a small team, so our upkeep is quite manageable. Also, free albums are deleted after 1 month, and eventually, we plan to add a few non-intrusive ads on free albums.

Only host can remove photos.